CloudCannon Documentation

English locale is enabled by default. Contribution is welcome for other locales.

Copy the client.en.yml to the new language

Lets say we want to localize to french

  1. Copy the /usr/share/detio/virtenginenilavu/config/client.en.yml to /usr/share/detio/virtenginenilavu/config/

  2. Copy the /usr/share/detio/virtenginenilavu/config/server.en.yml to /usr/share/detio/virtenginenilavu/config/

  3. Localize the text in the above files /usr/share/detio/virtenginenilavu/config/

Change the text in the site_settings

Localize the text in /var/lib/detio/site_settings.yaml

Change the default_locale in site_settings

    default: 'fr'

Restart VirtEngine

sv stop unicorn

sv start unicorn

Let us know

If you run into any issues feel free to get in touch via our community forum.