CloudCannon Documentation

VirtEngine v1.x

VirtEngine v1.x works with OpenNebula, Docker, Rancher, and Ceph to distribute Cloud Services. —

VirtEngine v2.x

VirtEngine v2.x works with OpenStack, SLURM, DigitalOcean, OpenNebula (Eta 1-2 months), ProxMox (Eta 1-2 months).

Choosing which edition is right for you.

VirtEngine 1.x provides a marketplace for one click launches. We need a running OpenNebula with templates and images.

VirtEngine 2.x provides infrastructure management and distribution with lots of various integrations.


Install VirtEngine 1.x to deploy virtual machines using OpenNebula VirtEngine 1.x Installation Instructions.

(Recommended), install VirtEngine Waldur to deploy cloud services from: VirtEngine Waldur Installation Instructions