CloudCannon Documentation

In case you want to setup your bare metal to run docker 1.12 then follow these instructions.

Docker architectural view

Setup Swarm

To setup swarm master a small VM can be suffice.

Pull the swarm master from DockerHub.

$ curl -fsSL | sh

$ docker run --rm swarm create
Unable to find image 'swarm:latest' locally
latest: Pulling from library/swarm
220609e0bc51: Pull complete
b54bf338fe2f: Pull complete
d53aac5750d5: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:c9e1b4d4e399946c0542accf30f9a73500d6b0b075e152ed1c792214d3509d70
Status: Downloaded newer image for swarm:latest
b38992e6f59c094272e42dd92d72ace2  //this is your unique cluster id

Keep the CLUSTERID handy which is b38992e6f59c094272e42dd92d72ace2.

Run swarm master in a private/public ip

$ docker run -t -p 2375:2375 -t swarm manage -H :2375 --addr <private/public hostip>:2375  token://b38992e6f59c094272e42dd92d72ace2

Now upon completion, swarm master is running.

Prepare your node(s).

This step needs to be repeated in all the baremetal nodes in which you plan to run docker containers.

We recommend Docker 1.12 >

$ curl -fsSL | sh

//start the docker deaemon with defult subnet for docker0 bridge

$ sudo docker daemon -D -H tcp://<private/public nodeip>:2375 --bip <subnet>/24 --default-gateway <ip>

Now docker is running in the node using the subnet docker0

Join all the nodes to the swarm master.

Use the CLUSTERID you got in 1.

Join the node to swarm master.

Paste the token and execute the below command on the master to join node to master

$ docker run -d swarm join --advertise=<private/public nodeip>:2375 token://b38992e6f59c094272e42dd92d72ace2

Next, configure VirtEngine to deploy containers here.