CloudCannon Documentation

The VirtEngine Console (UI - Nilavu) is the main way to launch and manage virtual machines. A command line facility will be issued in our future launch.

Getting Started

Enter VirtEngine Console (UI - nilavu) by typing https://localhost in the browser.

Replace localhost with your ip

Watch this launch animation

Deploying Machine


There are 3 ways to launch.

  1. Marketplaces
  2. +
  3. Create VM

This will open a new-launcher.

Step 1

Choose App

Choose the region, flavor, HDD or SSD.

Step 2

  1. Start type the letters you wish search. eg: Word

  2. When 4 (four) or more characters are seen, a search is done.

  3. We now return WordPress, Click Next.

Step 3 Launch your container

Click Launch. Voila ! Your Container is launched.

Watch the deploy events live and in 30seconds your container should be up.

Your will be redirected to the app management page.