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This page explains more about what OpenStack is and how it fits in with VirtEngine.


VirtEngine is an Open Source Hybrid Cloud Management platform that integrates with multiple infrastructure endpoints, one of them being OpenStack.

VirtEngine offers a Hosting Provider edition that provides the ability to offer Infrastructure to end-users with billing enabled.


OpenStack is an open source software that allows for the deployment and management of a cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) platform. OpenStack supports both private and public cloud deployments. It fulfills two main requirements of the cloud: massive scalability and simplicity of implementation.

Hypervisor Virtualization


  • Ceph
  • Gluster
  • LVM
  • NFS
  • iSCSI - Libvirt Datastore
  • ZFS
  • Sheepdog


  • Bridged Networks
  • 802.1Q VLAN Network
  • VXLAN Networks
  • Open vSwitch Networks

Setup and Deployment

OpenStack can be deployed through various methods, the simplest being DevStack - however it would not be recommended to use DevStack for production and is instead a better tool for testing the platform. Other examples of deployments can be found here: OpenStack Deployment

In order to use OpenStack with VirtEngine, you would need to install VirtEngine Waldur - Documentation can be found in Waldur Documentation