CloudCannon Documentation

Public Cloud Editions (Licensed)

  VirtEngine Minified edition VirtEngine Complete edition
  Supported Supported
Cloud Virtual Machines Supported Supported
One-Click Applications Supported Supported
Extendable Platform Supported Supported
Simple Storage Service (Block/Object) - Supported
Elastic Virtual Machines - soon
Cloud-Native Applications - Supported
Automated Application Scaling (Load Balancing) - soon
Micro-Services Docker - Supported
Virtual Private Cloud - soon
Customizable UI - Supported
Public Multi-Cloud Multi-Cloud Integration    
Layers of High Availability Incremental Offshore Backups Load Balancing - VM Replication on Failure - Incremental Offshore Backups
Software Delivery SaaS (or) On-Premise SaaS (or) On-Premise
Migration from KVM (SolusVM/OnApp/ProxMox/etc.) soon soon
Monthly Cost $0.25 per GB of RAM - Deployed - (Up-to $16/month/node) $0.5 per GB of RAM - Deployed - (Up-to $32/month/node)

Private Cloud Editions (OpenSource/Licensed)

Features OpenSource Enterprise
Virtual Machines Supported Supported
100’s of Bitnami apps in a second Supported Supported
1000’s of Docker registry using an intuitive search Supported Supported
Apps, services(db, queue, nosql..) Supported Supported
Custom apps with integration to Github Supported Supported
Snapshots Supported Supported
Block Storage for VM Supported Supported
Real-time monitor/Logging Supported Supported
White-labelling No Supported
Multi region data center No Supported
Cloud Storage like S3 No Supported
Secure Containers coming-soon No Supported
Monthly Cost Free (Community Support) Plans from $100/mo